The Doctrine of FALSUS IN UNO, FALSUS INOMNIBUS & Its Applicability in India

Dr. Rita Pawan Bansal

Judicial Review: A Comparative Analysis of India, USA & UK

Sargam Jain

Use of Video Conferencing; Interference of Technology in Justice Administration

Manoj Singh

Insolvency & Bankruptcy (Amendment) Act, 2018: A Game Changer

Shreya Gulati, Kush Daggi

Restructuring and Consolidation in the Banking Sector

Aparna Pandey

The World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC): The First Global Public Health Treaty

Kratika Gupta

Behavioral Profiling and Penology of Crimes in India: A Case Study

 Arjun Mohan, Kousi Das

Consumer Protection in Cyber Space

 Ananya Kumar

Qualification Needs To Become a Minister: A Comparative Study to Find out the Missing Link

Kaustav Ghosh

Battle for Homo-sexuality

Eshita Jain, Anuj Goyal

Racial and Ethnic Justice in Different Countries

T.D. Sowmya

Make in India: Are we ready for it?

Charu Nema

Dying Declaration

Swati Thapa, Isha

The Door Left Ajar: Evolution of Law of Torts in

Prerna Deep

Society And Justice

Ritu Pandey, Abhishek Mishra

Right to Privacy

Ayushi Dubey

An Insight Into The Marijuana Tradition In India

Kriti Sangar

Social Media: A New Medium for Horrendous Acts
of Mobocracy

Rishi Dev

Social Protection in International Platform

Pooja Kurian

Right To Privacy In India: It’s Evolution & Effect in
Other Domains of Law

Mohini Priya

Suresh Kumar Koushal & another V. Naz Foundation
& others


Protection of Endangered Species: Socio-economic
Impact of Human Wild-life Conflict in India

Utkarsh M. Sharma, Shreya Singh

Intellectual Property Rights And The Internet World

Gunish Aggarwal

Artificial Intelligence And Intellectual Property Laws In India: Is It Time For Renaissance

Gunish Aggarwal

Legal Status of Pornography In India

Ankur Singhal

Authenticity of Accomplice Evidence

Gauri Agrawal

A Weapon Against Domination Polluter Pay Principle

Anusha Arif

The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986; Challenges & Achievements

Ashutosh Ranjan Srivastava

Is Judiciary Accountable For Its Actions?

Anna Anu Priya, Rahul Kumar

Some Crimes: By-Product Of The Effects Of Climate

Siddharth Baskar

Muta Marriage

Astu Khandelwal, Shashwat Patwa

Sexual Harassment Against Women at Workplace

Mona Bhatt, Sounak Poddar

Conflicts Between Intellectual Property Rights and
Human Rights

Shivani Bisht

Surrogacy in Women’s Life: An irony or renaissance?

Tharini Rajasingam

Objectification of Human Body in the Advertisement
An Emerging Trend


Justice should not only be done but also seems to be
done (Victimization and Administration of Criminal
Justice in India)

Pranav Kumar Kaushal, Priyamvada Kaushal

An analytical study on women’s sexual and reproductive rights in India special reference to Jaisalmer, state of Rajasthan

Preeti Charan, Poonam Charan 

Law and the Reason: A Perspective

Shauree Gaikwad

Human Rights of Students with a Special Emphasis on Efficiency of University and Its Effect on Student Development & Their Career Prospects

Amar Maruti Patil