Appropriating ‘Right to Livelihood’ of the Third Gender

Dr. Ambily P, Adv. Ajoy Jose

Legal Implications of Cyber Crimes in India

Ms. K. Roopanjali

Passing off and Infringement of Well-Known Trade
Mark’s in IndiA

Sunil Prakash Dhadwad, Ph.D. Research Scholar

Marital Rape: A Crime, Not Criminalized

 Shambhavi Pandey

Decriminalization of Section 377: The Attitude of the
Indian Society towards Homosexuality

Aishwarya Gandham

Exhaustion of Trademark Right and Parallel

Saurabh Suman, Sakshi snehi

Kesavananda Bharti Case: A Political Fight
masqurading in Legal Garb

Nikhil Erinjingat

Elements of Crime

 Arshdeep Ghuman

History of Contemporary International Trade Law

Naina Srivastava

Reviving or Distorting – A Study on the Trend of Renaming Places and Erecting Statues

Karrthik Ramanathan

Brexit and the nature Treaty Negotiations and withdrawal in International Law

Prabh Simran Kaur, Rohan Khatana

Critical Analysis of Digital Signature Laws in India

Deeksha Singh

Judicial Reform and Development of Environmental Law

Sargam Aggarwal, Vikash Kumar & Tanya Choudhary

The Naxalite Movement in India

Sonali Awasthi, Ayush Mishra

Transgenic and Traditional Farming: Finding a MidWay

Varsha Gulaya, Aamna Nabeeha Naqvi

Cybercrime A Threat to Network Security

Shyamji Kesarwani

Police Reforms in India: An Analysis

Gourav Kumar

Mediation for Maritime Disputes in India

Shray Mehta

Notion of Equality as a Normative Value and its Different Type

Shivani Chaudhary

Is Aadhar Bill a Fraud to the Constitution of India

Yashashvi Mishra, Shrashank Tripathi

Hate Crimes A Rising Menace

Tanmay Sinha, Deepika Gupta