Polluter Pays Principle: Essential Element of
Environmental Law and Policy

Siddhant Nanodkar

A Study on Role of RBI in Regulating Banks

S.P. Lathika Sri (Students), S.P. Vidyassri (Asst. Prof. of Law)

A Study on Merger and Acquisition in Banking

S. Indrapriya

Police Reforms and Human Rights

Ishika Sharma

Part Played by Adjudicating Authority in
Considering Resolution Plan

Shubham Mudgil, Sankalp Vijay

Mergers and Acquisitions in India

Naina Srivastava

Govt. of NCT of Delhi and Ors. Vs. Union of India (Tussle Between the AAP Government and The Centre)

Yash Dahiya

Patent Trolls and Their Regulation in India

Divyansh Gautam & Tejaswi Sitaram Kandi

Is Cricket a Gender Biased Game? India in Relation
to the World

 Varisha Sharma

A Case Commentary on State of Washington v. Allen Eugene Gregory

Ms. Akanksha Badika, Ms. Prachi Trivedi

Personification of the Environment: A Fiction of

Shivangi Mishra & Amna Rahman Khan

Police Reforms against Custodial Violence in India:
Past and Present

 Karan Singh Chouhan

Mother Unborn Conflict in the Sphere of Medical Care – the right to refusal of medical treatment by pregnant woman

Muhammed Yasil

A Hideous Crime in the Name of Matrimonial

Troeeta Bhuniya

Information Privacy concerns and Surveillance in
Social Media

Radhika Belapurkar

Gross Human Rights Violation –The Enforcement

E. Hariharan, S. Tharika

The Relevance of Deceptive Marks and Well-known
Marks: Perspectives in an Automotive Industry

Sharika Sristi

Mediation- A Preferred Method to Resolve

Vidhi Sharma

The Specific Relief (Amendment) Act, 2018

Saharshrarchi Uma Pandey

Women in Terrorism

Jyotsana Uplavdiya

“Can liberty and equality co-exist? A jurisprudential study based on the principles of Rawls and Nozick”

Raajdwip Vardhan

The Role of Media in Spreading Legal Awareness

Santosh Kumar Tiwari, Assistant Registrar

Orchestrating the UNCITRAL Model Law on
Cross-Border Insolvency in India

Himanshu Handa, Associate, UKCA & Partners

Issues and Challenges of Organ Transplantation in
India: A Scrutiny

Dr. Money Veena.V.R,  Assistant Professor

Transnational Organized Crimes: Beyond The
Geopolitics Of States- Indian Perspective

Narem Vnss Usha Amulya

Trademark in Digital Era: Issues in Protection of
Fluid Marks Analysis

Shailesh Kumar Singh

Online Dispute Resolution- Application and Challenges

Dev Sareen

National Register of Citizens of India: A Win or A
Judicial Gimmick

Adit Sharma and Pranjal Darekar


Chitra C
Saveetha School of Law, Chennai, India

Specific Relief (Amendment) Act, 2018: An Analysis

Ayush Goyal
Pune, India