VidhiAagaz – Inking You Brain” seeks applications from Faculty Members & Professionals to join the Editorial Board as Managing/Associate Editors or Reviewers for the organization and its international Journals.

About VidhiAagaz

VidhiAagaz, established in June 2017, intends to be a leader in facilitating a new kind of discussion in various fields of law, management and other such disciplines. Believing that such engagement is transformative and that it is time for transformation in academia, VidhiAagaz will be at the forefront in reinforcing relationships between communities and institutions of higher learning.

VidhiAagaz presently publishes 3 Series of Book and two Internationals Journals i.e. International Journal of Law Management & Humanities [ISSN 2581-5369] and International Journal of Legal Science & Innovation [ISSN 2581-9543]. The organization has also published the Conference proceedings for leading institutions like Amity Law School, Noida.

Presently the Editorial Board of VidhiAagaz consist of well-qualified an experienced editors from 4 different countries i.e. India, France, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

Core Roles & Responsibilities of Editors

  • To conduct the Editorial Review of the assigned manuscripts.
  • To make editorial decisions with reasonable speed and to communicate them in clear and constructive manner.
  • To uphold the integrity of publication by identifying invalid research, invalid format etc. and to maintain the quality of publication.
  • To edit the manuscripts or to check the edited manuscripts for its quality.
  • Making recommendations regarding the policies of the organization/Journal

Core Roles and Responsibility of Reviewers

  • To conduct the bind review of the assigned manuscript.
  • To provide the detailed and constructive feedback/review report of the assigned manuscript.
  • To ensure the rigorous standards of the scientific process by taking part in the peer-review system
  • To uphold the integrity of the journal by identifying invalid research and helping to maintain the quality of the journal

Similar Roles and Responsibility of Editors and Reviewers

  • To establish relationships with reputable colleagues and their affiliated journals and increase their opportunities to join an editorial board
  • To float about the journal in order to attract maximum submissions from all around the globe.
  • To promote the journal at National and International events in their country and to their colleagues who may then consider submitting articles to the journal.
  • To work for the different Conferences or other Events of VidhiAagaz & its journals with their full capacity.
  • To work for consistently increasing the standard of publication and provide recommendation for the improvements.
  • To work with all the capacity to provide a new heights to VidhiAagaz and its Journals.

Application Procedure

The position will be for the term of 1 year, subject to be renewed.

Application Eligibility

Only the Faculty Members/Head of Departments/Professionals from the field of Law, Management or Humanities are eligible to apply for the Editorial Board. Research Scholars can also apply for the position of Reviewer.

Interested ones are required to send their applications along with the following documents to

  1. Updated Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  2. Statement of Purpose (300-500 words)

A telephonic interview will be conducted for all those who have been shortlisted. Details of the same will be communicated to the prospective persons once shortlisted; kindly refrain from repeatedly following up on the status of your application or interview result.


For any further queries feel free to Email us at: